Rahila Gupta

Women are leading the fight to protect India’s secular constitution

  New Humanist, 2nd March 2020 The Citizenship Amendment Act is only part of President Modi’s assault on the secular underpinnings of the Indian constitution. Walls – physical, digital, bureaucratic – are going up all over the world, dividing citizen from citizen. The very notion of citizenship is being questioned and restricted. India is no exception but the … Continue reading

70 years after partition: is India, like Pakistan, turning to religious extremism?

4 October 2017   Pakistani director Sabiha Sumar’s brave new documentary, Azmaish, looks at retreats from liberal democracy on both sides of the border. It’s a curious phenomenon: the further Indian independence from Britain recedes into the past, the more attention it receives. It’s as if the British psyche is in greater need of past … Continue reading