Rahila Gupta

Corbyn’s F grade: Failing Feminism

I have written this piece essentially as a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn’s, having joined the Labour Party for the very first time in order to vote for him as leader. However, to my dismay and that of other feminists, he has failed to engage with us on a number of issues. Controversy follows closer on … Continue reading

Imagine a feminist village of the future

On the last day of the AWID International Forum in Brazil, more than two thousand women came together to help imagine a feminist future, and to look at the hard realities of getting there.

Feminist inclusivity and moving onto the agenda

While feminist activists fight for inclusion in social agendas, how far have women’s movements themselves met the challenge of inclusivity? From AWID International Forum in Bahia, Brazil.

Taxing lives, trading women

9 September 2016 Tax havens and international trade deals are feminist issues. At this year’s AWID conference in Brazil, activists from across the globe are discussing strategies for engaging with these systems. This article is part of 50.50’s in-depth coverage of the 2016 AWID Forum being held on 8th -11th September in Bahia, Brazil. Opening plenary of the 2016 AWID Forum, … Continue reading

‘Feminist Futures’: activists from across the globe gather in Brazil

8 September 2016 The AWID International Forum in Bahia has started. We meet some of the 2,000 women brought together under the ‘Feminist Futures’ banner, including a lesson from Tanzania in how to employ a holistic approach. Women arriving at the AWID conference, Bahia, Brazil. This article is part of 50.50’s in-depth coverage of the 2016 AWID … Continue reading

Reclaiming Black women’s history: the Montgomery bus boycott 60 years on

18 August 2016 With police violence against Black communities giving rise to the #Blacklivesmatter campaign, anniversaries of civil rights victories are an opportunity to bring to light the invisible actors behind historic moments. Jo Ann Robinson, Head of the Women’s Political Council which initiated the Montgomery Bus Boycott In 2013, Angela Davis came to the … Continue reading

Rojava revolution: how deep is the change?

20 June 2016 Is optimism in the future of revolutionary change misplaced in a region torn apart by war and a society where patriarchy has been so entrenched?  Part 6 of Witnessing the Rojava revolution. Members of Kongra Star, the women’s umbrella organisation in Rojava, northern Syria. This is the obvious question to ask – … Continue reading