Rahila Gupta


Rubaiyat of Rojava

My poem will be performed by Jaye Griffiths at the inaugural Prima Donna festival. I will be talking about the women's revolution in Rojava, Northern Syria.

A festival celebrating brilliant writing, music and ideas.

August 31st 2019

Laffitts Hall, Suffolk, IP14 6DT




Speaking event

I will be speaking about the politics of identity in relation to the Kurdish struggle in Syria at the Celebrating Dissent Festival on September 1 in Amsterdam at De Balie. It is billed as a huge and historic event with nearly 50 contributors from 30 countries worldwide coming together to celebrate freedom through theatre, talks, poetry, film and stand-up comedy.

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The Royal Literary Fund, of which I am a fellow, commissions short podcasts from its writers on a variety of themes. Here are two 3 min podcasts on 'How Writing changes the Writer' and 'Letter to my younger self'.



A revolution for our times: Rojava, Northern Syria openDemocracy 4 April 2016

Available from Amazon as an e-book.

First published in 2008, on the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade in Britain.