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Rahila Gupta

Gender and fundamentalism: when religion muscles in on development

The truism that there cannot be real development without women’s participation needs a caveat: women’s rights cannot be achieved while religious forces are involved in development. Ruth Pearson, Emeritus Professor of International Development at the University of Leeds, one of the speakers at a seminar on Gender, Fundamentalism and Development, recounted how issues on which … Continue reading

Corbyn’s F grade: Failing Feminism

I have written this piece essentially as a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn’s, having joined the Labour Party for the very first time in order to vote for him as leader. However, to my dismay and that of other feminists, he has failed to engage with us on a number of issues. Controversy follows closer on … Continue reading

Imagine a feminist village of the future

On the last day of the AWID International Forum in Brazil, more than two thousand women came together to help imagine a feminist future, and to look at the hard realities of getting there.

Feminist inclusivity and moving onto the agenda

While feminist activists fight for inclusion in social agendas, how far have women’s movements themselves met the challenge of inclusivity? From AWID International Forum in Bahia, Brazil.